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Brad Scott Fine Art Photography Photo Print Product FAQ

HD Metal Prints


Q: How long will it take for my Brad Scott HD Metal Print to arrive?

A: From the time you place you order it will take 4-5 business days for us to ship your HD Metal Print, shipping will take between 1 and 5 days depending on your location in the US.

Q: What is the difference between Glossy and Matte and which should I choose?

A: Glossy is the most popular because the shiny surface enhances the image making it look more sharp and vivid, but if you will be displaying your art in direct light where the glare of the gloss is not preferred then we recommend you go with a matte finish.

Q: Will my HD Metal Print fade in the light?

A: Because the image is heat infused into the aluminum metal the inks are bonded with the metal creating a very long lasting print. Xenon Light Stability Testing has shown that HD Metal Prints last 2-4 times longer than traditional photo based silver papers.

Q: Are all Metal Prints alike, and why do you call yours HD Metal?

A: All metal prints are NOT alike, there are 2 common ways to make metal prints; 

1. Printing the ink directly on top of the metal or 

2. Infusing the inks into the metal with pressure and heat. 

For our HD Metal Prints we use option 2, infusing the ink dyes into the metal. This creates a very High Definition print that is scratch resistant and water proof. 


Gicleé Canvas

Gicleé Canvas are printed on a 400gsm white poly-cotton blend. Specifically designed for the high-end fine art and photography markets, this canvas utilizes a "Chromata White" optical brightener additive-free and Flourescent Whitening agent-free breakthrough technology.  We print with our Epson GS6000 eco-solvent printers to ensure true 8 color Gicleé Prints that will last a lifetime!

Metallic Canvas Prints

Metallic Canvas Prints are a really beautiful twist to standard canvas prints. The white of your images becomes an iridescent shimmer that will grasp your attention as you walk by. Metallic canvas adds brilliance to any image whether landscape photography or wedding portraits. We don’t typically recommend metallic canvas for artist prints but some artwork does look really cool on metallic canvas. If you prefer a traditional look check out our standard Canvas Prints and if you want real metal check out our Brushed Aluminum or HD Metal Prints.



Q: How long will it take for my HD Acrylic Print to arrive?

A: Our HD Acrylics require 5 steps to complete so they do take longer than our other products. From the time you place you order it will take 10-14 business days for us to ship your HD Acrylic Print, shipping will take between 1 and 5 days depending on your location in the US. We promise they will be worth the wait!

Q: What is HD Acrylic and how do you print on acrylic?

A: We call our Acrylic prints HD Acrylic because the image quality when printed onto the Epson Metallic photo paper truly looks HD. We then face mount the print onto the acrylic. Other acrylic prints are printed directly onto the acrylic from a flatbed printer, but the resolution can't compare to a photo paper print and face mounting option that we utililize.

Q: Will my HD Acrylic Print fade in the light?

A: Because we print using Epson Archival Inks onto archival photo paper you will get the same long life as our traditional Giclee Canvas Prints.

Q: How thick is the acrylic?

A: We chose to use a 1/4" acrylic and a 1/8" pvc  backer to reduce the weight as much as possible and create a very sleek modern look. The total print is 3/8" thick with a 1" wood hanger that lets your print float 1" off the wall.

Q: How do I care for my acrylic print?

A: You take care of your acrylic print as you would any other piece of fine art. Try not to scratch and bang the corners of your acrylic print, although it is durable you can chip the edges if banged on a hard surface. You can use a standard glass cleaner, or just soap and water and a 100% cotton cloth to clean your HD acrylic print.

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