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10 Pictures of Lake Tahoe that will Inspire your next trip

Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places on earth. In both winter and summer you can find your zen in nature whether it is hiking in the mountains or relaxing on Tahoe's beautiful beaches. Here are 10 pictures of Lake Tahoe that will inspire your next trip.

All of these images are available on Canvas Prints, Metal Prints & Acrylic Prints.


#1 Above Tahoe - Aerial Panoramic view of Emerald Bay and Lake Tahoe.

Above Tahoe - Aerial picture of Emerald Bay and Lake Tahoe

I captured this image summer time while I was shooting new Fine Art Photography of Lake Tahoe from a Robinson 44 Helicopter. This is my top 10 favorite images I have ever captured. Although capturing beautiful images of Tahoe is easy it is very difficult to find unique angles that other photographers haven't yet captured. My goal with photography is to show new views with my imagery that makes the viewer say wow I have never seen anything like that. If you have the chance to see Tahoe from the air I highly recommend you do it.

#2 Window Of Perfection - Beautiful Lake Tahoe Sunset under a pier that faces Mt. Tallac.

Window Of Perfection - Lake Tahoe Sunset Photo by Brad Scott

On this particular late summer day in Tahoe I looked at the cloud cover and thought there could be potential for a beautiful sunset. My girlfriend and I headed up the Heavenly Gondola in hopes to watch the sunset from the top of the mountain to overlook the entire lake. About 40 minutes before sunset the lift operator informed us that the gondola was closing and we had to download. What I first thought was total BS turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I rushed to one of my secret spots and scrambled to get my camera setup as I watched the clouds start to light up. I took a couple exposures on top of the pier and then got inspired to create a truely unique image so I decided to try shooting from under the pier for the peak of the sunset. The sunset ended up being the best sunset I have ever seen in Tahoe and this image became one of my top selling Lake Tahoe Prints.

#3 Emerald Bay Rays - Sunrise at Emerald Bay with sun rays over South Lake Tahoe

Emerald Bay Rays - Emerald Bay Sunrise Photo by Brad Scott

Every once in a while I wake up crazy early like 4am and just can't go back to sleep. This day was one of those early morning days. I decided to get out of bed and take a drive out to Emerald Bay to see if I could capture a nice sunrise. The bay was so calm and there were some beautiful clouds in the sky. As the sun came up there were beautiful sun rays shining through over South Lake Tahoe in the distance and the clouds came alive with relaxing colors. Waking up to this kind of beauty is what makes Lake Tahoe one of the best places on earth.

#4 East Shore Aquas - The beautiful clarity and aqua blues of the East Shore of Lake Tahoe

East Shore Aquas - Lake Tahoe Picture by Brad Scott

Lake Tahoe's East Shore offers some of the most beautiful hidden coves and beaches with sand bars that create a beautiful aqua color. The smooth boulders that come out of the crystal clear water make for a view like no other. Scenery like this is why so many Tahoe locals work so hard to preserve the Lake's Clarity.

#5 Tracks To Tahoe - Beautiful Tahoe Sunset at the Mercury tracks

Tracks To Tahoe - Lake Tahoe Sunset Picture by Brad Scott

These railroad looking tracks were used to transport the Worlds Fasted boat in 1926 "The Mercury" in and out of the water. Now these tracks are just a beautiful reminder of innovation and the joys boating on Lake Tahoe bring to families who visit Tahoe in the summer.

#6 Star Gazer - The Milkyway over Bonsai Rock, Lake Tahoe

If you have ever been camping in Lake Tahoe and stayed up late into the night you will have noticed how well you can see the stars. One of the things I love about Tahoe is how clear the air is and how little light pollution there is. This is a perfect scenario for night photography(astrophotography). Bonsai Rock is one of my favorite beaches on the east shore of Tahoe so I decided to head out on a solo photography mission to see what I could capture and Star Gazer was born. This image has become my best selling Lake Tahoe Print.

#6 Emerald Bay Slopes - A beautiful winter wonderland at Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe

Everyone knows Tahoe for it's amazing skiing and other winter activities. Winter in Tahoe is a beautiful sight to see. On this particular winter day I had a friend visiting from Los Angeles who was also a photographer. He wanted me to show him some of the most iconic locations in Tahoe so I told him to meet me at Emerald Bay. As I started driving the road came to a close. There had been a mini avalanche that caused a road closure. We decided to go for an adventure and we hiked all the way around the bay. The road closure opened up some unique photo opportunities that normally aren't possible. This is the iconic Tahoe bluebird snowday.

#7 Edgewood By Air - Aerial view of Edgewood Golf Course, Stateline Casinos & Heavenly

Edgewood By Air - Lake Tahoe Print by Brad Scott

This is another one of my favorite aerial views of Tahoe. I shot this image during a summer flight in a Robinson 44 with my helicopter pilot buddy Clint. The weather was perfect for a doors off aerial photography mission so we decided to do a flight over South lake Tahoe all the way to Zephyr Cove, NV. I was able to capture this iconic image of Edgewood Golf course that shows the other fun activities locals and tourists enjoy in Tahoe. Golf, gambling and skiing.

#8 Tallac Reflections - Sunset over Mt. Tallac, South Lake tahoe, CA

Tallac Reflections - Lake Tahoe Sunset Print by Brad Scott

Mount Tallac is one of the iconic peaks in Tahoe. People hike to the top of it in the winter and ski down the cross and also enjoy sunrise from the top of Tallac during summer hiking. If you are a Tahoe local or Visitor you can enjoy this print during Breakfast at my favorite Tahoe restaurant Ernies Coffee Shop.

#9 Eye of the Storm - Taking Shelter from a Tahoe winter storm

Eye Of The Storm - Timber Cove Pier Photo by Brad Scott

This pier in South lake Tahoe holds many memories for me. I worked at the marinas in my teenage years and helped hundreds of tourists enjoy the lake from boats and jetskis. Winter of 2015 was very interesting for photography. The lake level was so low that part of the shoreline froze over with ice which is very rare for Tahoe. Unique compositions like this one opened up and people were able to take walks along the beach for miles.

#10 Emerald Waters - Aerial View of Bonsai Rock

Emerald Waters - Bonsai Rock Lake Tahoe aerial photography by Brad Scott

Bonsai Rock offers some of the most beautiful photography compositions but most photographers tend to shoot very similar angles. I really wanted to try something different with this beautiful Tahoe location so I decided to shoot The Bonsai Rock from directly above using my inspire 1 drone. I absolutely love the emerald green and aqua blue colors of the water with the high contrast of the rocks.

These images show just a few of my favorite locations around Tahoe. These images are all available as large format Fine Art Photography prints and can also be purchased with an image license for advertising. If you need art for your home or images that inspire then Brad Scott Visuals is your one stop shop.

Remember to share the beauty of Tahoe with a friend who needs a little nature in their life!

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