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What to get the man who has everything?Here's the perfect gift idea for Father's Day

Are you trying to find a gift for the man who has everything? I’ve got you covered.

We often find ourselves going the easy route on holidays and getting our Parents go to gifts like ties, mugs, clothing, tools etc. Often real manly things because that's what we think men want. This fathers day why not give your Dad the gift he has always wanted but you just never knew it.

Original art is a timeless and unique gift for Dad, and will be remembered and enjoyed long after that tie your sibling gave him winds up in the back of the closet, never to be seen again.

Art is something to be proud of and especially limited edition art for the serious collectors.

Below is my newest Limited Edition release titled: Look Up

There will only be 250 prints made of this image ever. Now that is something you can be proud of as a gift to your Dad for Father's day.

We are doing a 30% Off Site wide sale on all Brad Scott Fine Art Photography prints. Be sure to order by june 7th to be sure the print arrives in time for Father's Day on the 18th.

Use coupon code " dad30 " at checkout.

You may not no this but the majority of Art lovers and collectors are men. In fact only 29% of art collectors internationally are female, that leaves the rest a whopping 70% male art collectors. So you can count on your Dad loving a Fine Art Photography print as a special and lasting gift.

We offer our images on Museum Quality Canvas, Metal, Acrylic and framed wall art in many different sizes and prices.

Use our wall preview tool on our print shop website to get an idea of what size will work best for different room situations

Head over to our print shop and search for a piece of art your Dad will love.


Remember to use the coupon code dad30 at checkout to claim your 30% off. Sale ends 6-18-2017

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